The purpose of Shepherding Hearts special needs ministry is to facilitate inclusion inside the life of the church for individuals with additional needs and for their family.

In support of our broader church mission, the goals of this ministry are to lead families affected by unique needs into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • To show families that we believe that each person is a unique creation of God.
  • To provide an opportunity to learn about God’s love in a way that is accessible.
  • To work to ensure each individual experiences success in the church setting.
  • Create an inviting and accepting church environment for all families.
  • Develop an appropriate accommodation plan that benefits the individual while working within the policies and resources of the church.
  • Along with the parents provide guidance, tools, and other resources to volunteers in the ministry to fulfill the accommodation plans.

For the purpose of the special needs ministry, the terms “additional needs,” “special needs,” and “disability” encompass a broad range of unique needs, including but not limited to: learning differences, intellectual disability, neurological disorder, developmental delays, communication disorder, social skills deficits, physical disabilities, sensory needs, and medical conditions. A young person experiencing a significant life change may also benefit from the services of the special needs ministry for a period of time.

The Shepherding Hearts ministry does not provide therapy, behavior modification programs, or medical intervention. However, medical assistance will be provided in emergency situations.

Our Special Needs ministry is located in the Kid's building on the first floor in Room 124. This ministry offers a specialized environment for people with special needs at 9:00 and 10:45 A.M. on Sunday mornings. Dedicated volunteers give those with special needs the attention and care they deserve, so caregivers can attend worship. 

If you're thinking of joining us, please complete our Special Needs Intake Form. Have questions, email shepherdinghearts@fbcmj.org.