Kids Camp

Have you ever planted something? It can be very exciting to plant a seed for a flower, a vegetable in a garden, a farm, or maybe even a tree in your yard. Planting a seed might sound easy, but it actually takes lots of hard work. It takes time and lots of care before you get to see that beautiful sunflower, or taste that juicy piece of fruit, or sit in the shade of a massive oak tree. But, before you can enjoy what comes from the seed, you have to think about the soil.

In Luke chapter 8, Jesus tells a story about life on a farm so that we can understand what it means to be his true follower. He talks about what to look out for, the difference between good and bad soil, and what comes from them. Following Jesus, like planting a seed, can be really hard, but the fruit that comes from knowing Him is worth it!

Kids Camp dates are July 21st- 24th and are for completed 2nd grade through 5th grade. The cost for the camp is $350. You can pre-register by clicking the ticket link below. A $100 deposit is due when you pre-register.

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