Spiritual Disciplines 101- Serving

  • Developing A Servant's Heart by Charles F. Stanley
  • Teachers: Sam Anderson Sr.
  • Room: S200

This class will explore what it takes to become a more compassionate and obedient follower of Jesus Christ. Together we will study how to become more like Him and develop a true servant attitude in all we do to bring glory to God and reach a lost and dying world with our hands and feet, time and treasure.

The class will follow the revised and expanded classic book by Charles F. Stanley entitled “Developing A Servant’s Heart”. Each lesson will highlight a chapter or two, with topics such as “Saved to Serve” and “Jesus: Our Role Model Servant”.

As we read the many supporting scriptures, and answer several questions related to the topic, we will see the importance of surrendering our will to God and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us into a lifestyle of devotion and service. Group questions, discussions, and shared experiences will be an important part of the learning process.

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