The One Thing

Series: Follow Me

Speaker: Dr. Phillip Dunn

September 5, 2021
Mark 10:17-27

Dr. Phillip Dunn

Senior Pastor

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Follow Along with the Message

KEY THOUGHT: Many times the barrier to truly following Jesus comes down to one thing God is pointing out to us.

I. Jesus points out what true   is-(18-19)

“No one is good – except God alone.”

A. It is having the right kind of  -(18)

B. It is more than the   -(19)


II. Jesus points out the   thing keeping him from true faith-(20-22)

“One thing you lack…”

What is your one thing? What is keeping you from truly following Jesus? It can be different for every person. Often this one thing promises  ,  , or  .


III. Jesus points out that true faith is the work of  -(23-27)

“With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.”



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