The Mysterious Life of a Daring Drummer

Series: The Mystery of Godly Living

Speaker: Dr. Vernon Whaley

July 31, 2022
2 Chronicles 20:1-30

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The Mysterious Life of a Daring Drummer
II Chronicles 20:1-30
Vernon M. Whaley, Ph.D.

Why did God choose to use a Drummer? God uses Jahaziel because . . .

The   of the Lord IS Upon Him. (v. 14)

He is   to Serve (v 13-14)

He   the Word of the Lord & Believes in God’s Plan of Action (vs 15-17)

Praise & Worship   His Obedience

He   the Spirit’s Prompting (vs 18-30)

The Lesson God wants us to learn:

God   you with HIS Spirit - His SPIRIT Lives IN YOU
God will use the person that is   & Equipped to serve!
Practice Praise & Worship   the battle begins.
God will make you   if you trust Him with Honest motives, an Obedient Heart and Humble spirit.

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