The Mysterious Life of a Daring Deliverer

Series: The Mystery of Godly Living

Speaker: Dr. Vernon Whaley

July 17, 2022
Exodus 33:7-23

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The Mystery of Godly Living Series

Mysterious Life of a Daring Deliverer

So the Lord spoke to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend.
– Exodus 33:11

What is Worship? What is Praise?
Do you have a heart for worship?
You will never lead or even enjoy public worship until you live private worship

Scripture here: Exodus 33:7-23

I. Craving The Presence of God (vs 7-10)
A. The Place of Worship - The Meeting Tent
1. Their Posture
2. Their Praise
B. The Presence of God in their Worship - The Pillar of Cloud Came down while the Lord Spoke
C. The People - Each person at the entrance of his own tent . . . worship in the home.

II. Cultivating a Partnership with God (vs 11-17)
A. God Explains His Relationship
1. God Spoke to Moses
2. They Spoke Face to Face
3. They spoke as friends – Prov 17:17; 18:24; 27:17; James 2:23; John 15:13; John 15:144.

4. What Kind of Friendship did God and Moses Share? – FIVE TYPES OF FRIENDSHIPS
a. Acquaintance – someone you know
b. Associate – a professional relationship
c. Colleague – coworker, collaborator or partner
d. Best Friend – special friendship … share events together
e. Comrade – close friendship … only 1 or 2 in your lifetime
B. God Enlarges the Relationship
1. Moses abandons His control and confesses that he is inadequate to do the job
2. Moses asks God to stay with him
3. God Promises Moses Victory . . .
C. God Exalts the Relationship
1. God meets Moses' request and expectation
2. God knows Moses very well
3. God expresses HIS Favor with Moses

III. Capturing the Power of God (18-23; 34:6-10)
A. Power Seen in HIS Glory (v 19-20)
B. Power Experienced through HIS Glory (v 20)
C. Protection Expressed through HIS Glory (vs 21-23)
C. God Speaks through His Glory (34: 6-7)
D. Moses responds to God's Glory by bowing in worship

Principles from this Lesson:

1) In craving the Presence of God we can find the assurance of healthy communication with God.

2) In cultivating a Partnership with God we find companionship in worship.

3) In capturing the Power of God we find success.
A. God’s calling on Moses
B. God’s commitment to Moses
C. God’s covenant with Moses

4) Through worship of Jehovah, we learn to cherish the law of the Lord.

5) When God’s spirit falls on someone – they hear his voice and obey.

6) God speaks through His Glory (34:6-7).

7) When we experience His Glory our response will ALWAYS be face-down worship.

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