Gethsemane: The Battle of Our Soul

Series: Follow Me

Speaker: Dr. Phillip Dunn

March 6, 2022
Mark 14:32-42

Dr. Phillip Dunn

Senior Pastor

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Follow Along with the Message


MARK 14:32-42


CONTEXT: As Jesus battles His soul before the cross, He calls His disciples to watchfulness. He comes to them three times and finds they have fallen asleep in the night.


KEY THOUGHT: Jesus calls us to be spiritually alert. Here are three truths that help us to stay awake when we are tempted to sleep!


  1. Although We Are  , We Will   Following Jesus-(37-38)


“Couldn’t you keep watch for one hour?”


“The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”


  1. Following Jesus in Victory Means that We Embrace His  -(38-42)


“Watch and pray ….”





  1. Our Hope as Followers of Jesus is that He    -(43-50)


“Then everyone deserted Him and fled.”

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