Gethsemane: The Battle of Jesus' Soul

Series: Follow Me

Speaker: Dr. Phillip Dunn

February 27, 2022
Mark 14:32-42

Dr. Phillip Dunn

Senior Pastor

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MARK 14:32-42

CONTEXT: Our failure in the Christian life always comes back to the battle of our flesh. Jesus reminds us that we are vulnerable to fail. We learn more about our flesh and the Spirit in the Garden of Gethsemane as Jesus’ humanity is revealed here as in no other moment in His ministry.

KEY THOUGHT: Jesus comes to a final moment of prayer and surrender before the cross. He models for us how to engage the spiritual battles of our lives.

1. Jesus Shows Us That We Have a   for  -(32-34)-“He took Peter, James and John along with Him…”


2. Jesus Shows Us That Our Relationship with   is the     Thing-(35-36)-“Going a little farther, He fell to the ground and prayed …. ‘Abba, Father…’”

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