Christian Life University

Ever feel like there is a topic that you wish you could learn more about? Something that you wish you could just dig into more? Our Wednesday Nights are built just for that! We have four sessions of Christian Life University (CLU) classes each year — two in the fall and two in the spring. Each time we have totally different classes to choose from. It's all about equipping you with the tools you need to live a more victorious and vibrant Christian life. 

Fall Session begins

Wednesday, August 15th @ 6pm


For Men— Family: Leading a Family by Kenny Luck 

Led by Richard Sumner & Trevor Green

6 Sessions

Cost:  $9

This study helps men accept their calling and experience God's blessing as the spiritual leader of their wives and children. More than ever, families are desperate for spiritual leadership. That role falls to the husband and father. Men of FBCMJ, are you equipped and ready to assume the role and responsibility God has for you? This Get Healthy study from Kenny Luck can help revolutionize not only the lives of men in this church and our small groups but also the lives of wives and children — impacting generations to come. 

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For Women — Raised Together by Gloria Furman

Led by Linda Sloan 

8 Sessions

Cost: $13

Paul's letter to the church at Colossae encourages believers to live out the reality of the doctrine of Christ — He is God, He is supreme, and He is sufficient. We have been buried with Him and raised to life with Him as new creations, knit together in love. Explore themes of fundamental Christian doctrine through verse-by-verse study of Colossians. Learn who Christ is, who you are in Him, and how to grow and mature in your faith.

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Biblical Archaeology: From Papyrus to Modern Translations, God's Sovereign Preservation of His Word

Led by Steve Weiler

6 Sessions

Cost:  None, materials provided

Can we believe the biblical record we hold today? Has the New Testament changed over the past two plus centuries? How can you strengthen your faith and explain to others how God has sovereignly preserved His Word since the original documents were written?

The author has spent over two years studying and creating an online biblical timeline of the New Testament. In this short study, each week you will look at consecutive periods of history as it relates to the New Testament archaeological record. Once you have completed this class, you will have access to the online resource and be able to explain how God has preserved his Word intact. Yes, we can fully trust what we have today is exactly what the original authors penned over 2,000 years ago. 

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The Way: Discovering Christ's Path of Discipleship 

Led by Pastor David Fallin

5 sessions

Cost of Workbook:  $10

 This study acquaints disciples with the way Jesus calls, teaches, equips, and sends His followers. Focusing on the journey of Jesus' original disciples, The Way helps new and growing disciples walk through the Gospels, following Jesus and His methods. This class is a series of studies founded on Jesus' model of discipleship. Topics like guided prayer options, and Scripture focus with text and narrative explanation that drives the weekly meeting. Also included each week are discussion questions and group exercises that reinforce the primary teaching points of each topic. Individual study and out-of-group activities have all been crafted to help users take their next step as disciples of Christ. These optional activities include but are not limited to reading plans, prayer exercises, personal study, and journaling. 

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All costs are optional. 

Please do not allow this to keep you from participating.


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