Worship & Message

We believe the ultimate biblical reason for all of creation is to glorify God. When we live in relationship with God, following Him, trusting Him, valuing Him above all else, then we are fulfilling our purpose by giving God glory. This is worship. To worship God, we must live totally for Him; we are then giving Him the appropriate place of highest worth in our lives. 

So when you come to worship with us on Sunday mornings, we are gathering together as people who are trusting and following God. We come to give God the highest praise. We come to testify to everyone that we are trusting God for everything in life.

Our gatherings are about God (He’s the central topic every week) and are for God (we want to honor His name, specifically the name of Jesus, God’s Son). And as we gather, God promises to be among us in a special way. Our gatherings are a time where God, through His Holy Spirit, moves in our hearts to bless us, to grow us, and to change us.

Our gatherings are also for those who want to know what it means to trust God. You’ll find that everyone can participate very easily and with freedom. You may choose to watch and listen, or you may choose to join in by singing, clapping, standing, sitting, praying, learning, and more. Our desire is for you to be led by God moving upon your heart, soul, and mind, to be true to who He’s created and called you to be: a worshipper.

There are three main components of our worship gatherings each week. 

  • Prayer - talking to God.
  • Music - singing about God and to God.
  • Preaching - proclaiming God’s Word, the Bible.

Preaching God’s Word is the focal point of our worship gatherings. We believe the good news (gospel) of Jesus Christ has the only power to transform hearts and lives. Great music, beautiful prayers, and eloquent preaching are insufficient to save us. Therefore, our pastor proclaims the good news of Jesus in every message each week. We also believe the Bible is God’s complete instruction book for how we live our lives as worshippers. The preaching not only proclaims the good news of salvation, but it also teaches us how Jesus calls us to live as we follow Him. We normally walk through books of the Bible so we may glean from the fullness of God’s Word and not inadvertently focus only on certain topics.

Many people ask, “What style of music do you worship with at your church?”  We choose music that 1) teaches biblical truth, 2) connects to the preaching of that day, and 3) communicates clearly. Sometimes a song that was written 400 years ago is best at accomplishing these things; sometimes a song written this year is best. You will find slow, very soft music as we meditate on deep truths of God and what He’s done for us. You will find upbeat, even loud, music as we celebrate Jesus with all our might. Our joy should be expressed the highest when we celebrate Jesus’ work. Our thankfulness should be expressed the deepest when we remember Jesus’ work. We do not focus on a style. We focus on Jesus and how much He deserves our worship.