Fly High

Our mission is simple: Jesus, bringing the heart of the Gospel to the heart of the child. The heart of the gospel is that God loves His children. The purpose of the children’s ministry then is to bring the heart of the gospel to the heart of the child so that they might place their trust in Jesus, grow in their knowledge and love of God, and live their lives in grateful response to His grace. Our ministry to children will provide all children with a safe, loving, and fun environment to grow and develop a saving faith in Jesus Christ and grow spiritually in Him.

As we know that no one has more influence over the spiritual lives of children than parents, the whole corporate body of the church has a role to play. God calls us as families and as the family of God to teach our children about him at all times and in everything we do so that they might share in his promises (Deuteronomy 6:6-9; 11:19-21). In response to this call, we will seek to faithfully immerse our children in Jesus’ gospel of grace through:

  • Embracing them in the life and community of our church,
  • Engaging them in worship, prayer, and the study of the Scriptures,
  • Equipping them to pursue a life of Christ-likeness in grateful response to God’s love, and
  • Empowering parents to nurture the spiritual lives of their children.

There's always room for more help, if you're interested in making a difference in the life of these amazing kids send us an email at