Baptism: Frequently Asked Questions

Baptism is your public identification with Jesus Christ when you are dipped under the water. It symbolizes the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. It also symbolizes a death to your old life and your being raised by Jesus Christ to a new life in Him. You are baptized after you have trusted Jesus Christ to be your Lord and Savior.

Watch this first video with answers to all of your Frequently Asked Questions about baptism. We have also broken this video into individual FAQs (see below). Download the Baptism FAQs Brochure here.

Individual questions about Baptism:


How can I request to be baptized?

  • Come by the Welcome Center and let them know you would like to speak with someone about baptism.
  • Come forward during a worship service when the pastor invites persons to respond. You can come forward to a person standing at the front and tell them, “I want to be baptized.”
  • Call the church office at 615.754.2525 and request to receive baptism. 

Someone from our church office will follow up with you to arrange a conversation with one of our pastors and to set the Sunday and the service you will be baptized in.

Download our Baptism FAQs Brochure here 

FBCMJ Baptism FAQs brochure