God created everything that exists for His glory, including you. God created you to reflect His glory. God is like the sun in your solar system, and your life should revolve around God the way that the planets orbit around the sun. God intends for you to enjoy His warmth and His light as you orbit around Him, so that you praise Him for being the Great Sun at the Center of All Things. But instead of orbiting around God the way that we were designed, every one of us has chosen to turn away from God. We’ve veered off onto our own path and stopped focusing on God the way that He deserves. And the problem is that once we leave God’s orbit, there’s no gravitational pull to hold us in place, and we go hurtling off into the cold, dark emptiness of space. The result is that we will die in the depths of outer space, separated from God our Sun. And that’s exactly what we deserve, because that’s what we chose. We chose to turn our backs on God and to live for ourselves, and so it is completely appropriate if we die by ourselves.

But God doesn’t want that to happen. He doesn’t want anyone to perish, lost in the outer space of sin. So God did something utterly amazing. He sent His own Son, Jesus, into the cold, dark depths of outer space to find us and bring us home. And for anyone who will turn to Jesus and trust Him and follow Him, Jesus will lead you back to God. He will put you back in your proper orbit, revolving around God, centered on God, reflecting the Light of God’s glory back to Him the way you were always supposed to.

Just to make sure that’s as clear as possible, let's drop the solar system illustration: God created you to love Him and live for His glory. But you have sinned, and you’ve chosen to love yourself and live for your own glory instead. And the result of your sin is that you deserve to die. You have insulted God’s glory, and the punishment for that is death. But God doesn’t want you to die in your sin. So God did something utterly amazing. He sent His own Son, Jesus, to live as a human on earth. And Jesus lived the life that all of us were supposed to live but didn’t. Jesus loved God perfectly and obeyed God perfectly and lived for God’s glory. But then at the end of His life, Jesus was crucified for crimes that He didn’t commit. Jesus died a death that He didn’t deserve to die. But because Jesus didn’t deserve to die, God didn’t let Him stay dead. Three days later, God resurrected Jesus, and Jesus now lives with God His Father in heaven forever.

And now God offers you the greatest gift of all time in Jesus. God is willing to accept Jesus’ death in your place. God is willing for Jesus’ death to pay the price for your sin. And God is willing to give all of Jesus’ obedience and all of Jesus’ righteousness to you, so that you can live with Him forever. And the way that God gives you this gift is through faith. You don’t work for it. You can’t earn it, because you don’t deserve it. God promises that He has done it all for you, and you just believe God’s promise. You repent of your sin and turn away from it and turn back to God and trust Him. And when you believe God, He saves you by His grace through faith in Jesus.